Notion SmartWallet: Personal Finance & Budgeting Dashboard

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SmartWallet is a powerful personal finance and budgeting dashboard that helps you take control of your finances. With SmartWallet, you can easily track your expenses, incomes, savings, and budgets in one place. This intuitive dashboard allows you to create and manage multiple wallets, categorize your transactions, and generate insightful reports.

Some of the features of SmartWallet include:

  • Dashboard: Overview of wallet balances, total expenses, incomes, and transfers for the month
  • Wallet management: Ability to create and switch between multiple wallets
  • Category tracking: Categorize transactions and view total and monthly expenses, incomes, and transfers by category
  • Statistics: View statistics and charts for income and expense categories
  • Recurring transactions: Automatically create recurring payments and incomes
  • Siri and iOS Shortcuts integration: Use voice commands to create new incomes and expenses
  • Reports: View weekly, monthly, yearly, and total reports for all transactions
  • Wishlist: Create and track wishlist items
  • Transaction history: View all transactions in one place
  • Wallet transfers: Transfer money between wallets
  • Saving goals: Track monthly saving goals
  • Budgeting: Set monthly budgets and track progress
  • Monthly view: View expenses, incomes, and savings for the month
  • Income tracking: Track income from various sources
  • Expense tracking: Track expenses in different categories
  • Subscription tracking: Track recurring subscriptions and their costs.

With SmartWallet, you can take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals with ease. Try it out today and start taking control of your financial future.

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Notion SmartWallet: Personal Finance & Budgeting Dashboard

0 ratings
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